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Not everyone has the same heart as you.

Have you ever been left feeling disappointed by people?

In one of my first jobs I remember being told I was too nice and that no-one is ever that nice.

TOO nice.

Bullying is too much of a strong word for me but some people at this workplace would pick at everything I did, said or even wore. I'd go home every night crying to my mam and wanted to leave, but each day I returned, stayed true to myself and in the end after about a year of this going on daily, I achieved what I wanted to achieve, I grew in confidence with thicker skin and the "Bullies" somehow respected me and became my "friends".

I've always been the person who takes things to heart. Nine times out of ten in life generally though, things probably aren't personal but that's just how my heart likes to roll.

I think your past forms your future and what you've maybe been through reflects on how you deal with things and that's why it's so important to realise not everyone is the s…

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