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Friends by Default

Have you ever wondered if you would have chosen to be friends with the people you were at School with, if your parents hadn't placed you in that specific School?

If you could've looked at all of the School's in your area and everyone's CVs, their true characteristics and who they were as people, then would you have picked them out to be friends with? 

Chances are, not many would've made the cut!

I have always, always said that the people you're friends with in School, are friends "by default".

I think in life you are flung together with people in School and you make it work because you don't have much other choice. Then we all grow up, get jobs, start relationships, travel, have kids, move cities/countries etc and we all change.

You either grow on the same branch of the tree or you branch off as different people with different views, morals and ethics - you grow apart and then you just dont work anymore as mates.

Some very lucky people find their best friends for life from the beginning and stay on that branch their entire lives through everything, but some aren't that fortunate.

The truly beautiful thing though, is that as you do grow, you do get to choose who you want to be friends with and you will come across so many different people in your lifetime. 
In a way, you're choosing your own family.

I don't think it necessarily means that the people who you were friends with then and aren't friends with now were bad people, but it just means that they aren't your people now. They fell on a different branch of the tree and reside on a different leaf in life you could say.

Everything works out how it's meant to in the end though and you will end up settled on the most vibrant leaf of the tree with your own set of gorgeous people (I know I did) and that branch will carry all of you together throughout your whole lives.

(Bestie & Bro-in-Law, Michael)

(My Mathanwi)

(My Gorgeous Girls)

"You don't lose friends, because true friends can never be lost"

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