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Ten Reasons Why... You should always be yourself

There's so much pressure in the world from all sources of the media telling you to look a certain way, act a certain way and basically be anything but you.

Well I'm here to tell you to break all of those rules by simply being whoever you want to be.

You should always be yourself.

Take a look at my 10 Reason's Why....

1. You are unique

Out of over 7 billion people in this world, there is only 1 of you.

Everything about you, the decisions you make every day, the places you choose to visit, the people you associate with, the advice you give, the clothes you wear; they are all completely unique to you.

The decisions and choices you make build your story and it's all by being just you.

What's more amazing than that?

You are the only version of you that will ever exist - embrace that and don't change. 

2. You have a purpose

Everyone has been placed on this earth for a reason. If you weren't you, then how would you figure out what that was? 

Why waste your days trying/wishing to be someone other than you?

No one else has your mind, your ideas or quirks. Your talents need showcasing. You have a purpose and there is someone in this world who will always need you. 

You are always enough. Remember that.

3. Everyone has flaws

Believe it or not, nobody is perfect.

I can guarantee you that the person you look up to and aspire to be like has insecurities and is doing the exact same thing as you and looking up to someone else, and someone will be looking up to you too  - you just don't know it.

Look at Adele for example.

She is one of the most talented singers in the world and has everything and more but she still puts Beyonce on a pedestal above her.

So stop the vicious cycle and accept your flaws.

Everyone is perfect to someone - why not let that person be you?

4. Life is for living - not wasting

Don't sit back and watch others succeeding and making something of themselves, wishing that was you.

Don't watch others going out having fun and living life to the full thinking that should be me.

Get up and go! Be that success story.

Makes plans and stick to them.

Go out and enjoy life to your full potential without a care in world.

Sashay out of your front door like a boss, flick that hair and follow your dreams. 

5. You will live a happier life

You are only confined by the walls you build around yourself. So knock them down.

Contrary to what the world says, you are actually never too old, nothing is ever too much or out of reach and your goals are always achievable.

Once you learn you can actually wear what you want, go where you want to go and be who you are supposed to naturally be - then you will live the most true and happy life.

6. Money can't buy you happiness

You might think having all of the money in the world will make you happy. But money is what you make of it, not what it makes of you.

There's no need to impress people or let it control who you are.

Don't let the power of money make you something you're not.

True happiness comes from within and  the only way to truly impress someone is by being you.

7. You will be more successful

The amount of opportunities that could open are endless.

You don't ever have to be the best, you just need to try your best.

Be the best version of yourself.

Just be carefree - do not give one shit, because the sooner you stop caring, the sooner your life will change for the better and in a big way - trust me. It is definitely the best way to be.

The sooner you do this, you'll naturally be more susceptible to success and it WILL knock at your door eventually.

8. Honesty is always the best policy

Why pretend to be someone you're not? 

Nobody likes a cheat or a liar and in the grand scheme of things you'll find that the people that are true to themselves are usually the most attractive, successful and happy people.

Sometimes through the eyes of Social Media for example, you might look at someone's posts and think they have the most amazing, happy, perfect life ever and wish you had their life, but more often than not the story is the complete opposite. 

Most people only post the idea of happy and in reality that's probably not the case.

Always be true to yourself.

9. You'll grow in confidence

Nothing ever comes easy, but I promise you it is more than worth it!

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I've not looked at Kim Kardashian and thought "OMG can I be you though?"

The reality of it is, I can never be Kimmy :( and do I really want to be? 
YES but I suppose if I wasn't me then I wouldn't have made all the memories I have, learnt from the mistakes I've made and built my life with the family and friends I have.

Once you start to realise that you're never going to be anyone else other than yourself, then that's the day you start to live the best life you can and become the best version of yourself.

That's how you grow in confidence.

10. Life is too short!

This couldn't be more obvious, but... you only live once!

You will enhance your quality of life if you stop trying to fit into the social norm, be the true you and start not caring what others think.

"Be your own kind of beautiful"

Just be you

 Being free...In the sea...Being me


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