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Bonfire Night in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is my favourite place in the whole world and every year it has become our tradition to visit for Bonfire Night celebrations.

We check into our Travelodge on Queen Street, which is where we prefer to stay, as it's inexpensive and you're central to everything there. Then we have a walk around all of the shops and take in all the scenery and buy our poppy badges off the van. 

Then we stroll down to Meadowbank Sports Centre for their Annual Fireworks show. 

The show was amazing and emotional as always but we were gutted to find out it was their final firework show ever after 3 decades, as Meadowbank is closing it's doors for redevelopment.

Thanks for the memories Meadowbank! We'll have to find a new location for next year!

There's so much to do in Edinburgh, so whether you want to eat, drink, dance, shop or walk, you'll never get bored or run out of things to do or see.

My favourite bars are Bar Salsa for cheap drinks and the best music and Why Not, in my opinion is the place to be! They have various themed nights with numerous rooms and have the most beautiful shisha/beer garden. The Dome is also a good place to visit for a few drinks, especially at Christmas time. A cute little place for some food is The Gardeners Cottage which is tucked away in the trees.

We visited the Royal Botanic Gardens on our last day for the first time and OMG, I was in awe the whole time. It was so gorgeous! You could spend a full day here and not get bored because the views are simply stunning. We are returning for Christmas for the magical outdoor trail of light - Can't wait!

After the most amazing day at Royal Botanic Gardens, we got ourselves down to Twelve Triangles for the best desserts ever before setting back home!

Edinburgh is the city of dreams


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  1. Wow. It looks beautiful!! Maybe one year I’ll venture up there

    1. You need to especially for your birthday its magical Shazzle 😘 xx


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