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20 Bags Under £20

Most people have a favourite thing in life; a little passion that chirps them up and makes them happy when they're feeling down. Whether that particular thing is shoes, video games, sports, makeup etc.. do your thing and love whatever makes your heart smile 💜..

Ok, so my thing is BAGS! I probably have more bags than I do clothes & common sense.

It's all about the bags for me. I also love a bargain because who doesn't?!

So with those combined, please take a look at my 20 bags for Under £20...

1.  How beautiful is this Missguided metallic Cross Body? It comes in this insane blue, silver & rose gold. IN LOVE.

2.  Next up is this sporty-chic zip up back pack from ASOS. I love the pink mesh but if you click the arrow you'll see it also comes in black faux leather.

3. I love the uniqueness of a round bag and I recently purchased this beauty from Boohoo! It's also really big so you can fit quite a bit in this.
4. Satchels are a staple bag for your wardrobe. You can wear them from day to night, so I had to include these Mini Satchels from ASOS. Click across for the variety of colours/styles.
5. This Koko Couture box clutch bag with detachable chain and side detail tassels is such a bargain! It's from Topshop and comes in nude/gold and grey/silver. Click the picture to see this in full effect with the beautiful tassels.
6. This simple silver metallic ASOS shopper is for the days were you want to pack the world in your bag but still look cool.
7. Injecting colour into my outfits through wearing a bright bag is what I like to do, because I do love to wear a LOT of black. So I am loving this yellow cross body! It comes in yellow, floral and pink.
8. I love this find from Dorothy Perkins! It has a variation of different colours too. Click across to see them all.
9. This ASOS Back Pack is so cool and it's only £6. Need I say more?
10. How unreal is this box bag? You'll see through my posts that I definitely have a certain style and taste when it comes to bags and I just LOVE this 80s style ASOS one - which comes with a detachable strap by the way!
11. Going on holiday this year? I love these string beach bags - in pink and black.
12. This bag is everything! I love anything that shimmers and the colour is Devine!
13. Faux fur! How can I not inject a bit of faux fur into my post? Here are a few of my fave fur finds under £20! Click across.
14. How cute is this please? I love pink and red together on a normal day but add a heart and I'm sold. I heart you Nasty Gal.
15. If like me, you love a back pack and you love leopard print, then you're welcome 😍...
16. I featured this ASOS box bag in my February Fashion Faves but because I love it so much I had to put it on here too. I love how quirky it is!
17. Such a beautifully structured bag in THE best colour. How gorgeous?
18. This pearl detailed, tassel duffle bag honestly gives me life.
19. How cute is this? The flamingos had me sold! Another one for if you're lucky enough to be going on a summer holiday this year!
20. And finally, I know this was only meant to be 20 bags but I found so many when researching that I had to lump all of these metallic bags together under number 20 because why not? And because they are under £20 and too fabulous not to showcase! Click through to see them all...
So that rounds up all of the bags and now I NEED to go purchase every single one. Please send help.

Please comment below or send me an email to let me know if you liked this and I might do another one of these with shoes maybe? Also please let me know which bags were your fave!

"Got more bags than mates"

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