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How to get rose gold ombre hair

Fancy a bold hair colour change?

I've had so many hair colours over the years, but I've pretty much always gravitated towards the red/pink spectrum. 

Before I tell you how to achieve this colour, it's probably a good idea to note that my natural hair colour is a light/mousy brown (5) and because I've been colouring my hair fully red consistently for the last 4 years, the lengths and ends of my hair always naturally fade to a light warm blonde (8). So there is actually never any need to bleach my hair to achieve the colour I desire.

Here is a hair colour chart for reference:

After having bright red hair for so long I decided I wanted a change with a bit of contrast, so here's how I achieved a pinky/rose gold-esque ombre hair look...

I mix 1/2 a tube of Loreal Majicontrast Magenta Red & 1/4 tube of Loreal Majicontrast Red in a bowl with a 20 or 30 vol developer for my roots. Again, I don't bother with bleach because it takes pretty well to my light brown roots. I leave this on for around 20-25 minutes.

I then fill a bowl with conditioner and add a few dabs of both Loreal Majicontrast Magenta Red and Loreal Majicontrast Red and I mix until it's a light pink colour. I then apply that to the lengths and ends of my hair for the last 5 minutes of the 20-25 minutes development time.

And this is the result I get..

This result usually lasts a good 6 to 8 weeks before I have to re-colour my roots and refresh my lengths and ends. I also sometimes use a small pump of this mixed with my own conditioner once every 2 weeks to freshen it up a bit. It's a Colour Revive conditioner by Osmo in Radiant Red.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional hair colourist and what works for me and my hair, may not work for you and yours. I would always recommend visiting a qualified hairdresser at a salon to achieve the safest/best colour results. And finally, please always carry out a patch test before using any new colour product.

"Your hair is the crown you never take off"

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