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Ten Reasons Why... You should do what makes you happy

Is your happiness just as important as everyone else's or do you put others happiness before your own?

Why should you do what makes you happy? Have you ever asked yourself this question? 

Here are my 10 Reasons Why... 

1.  It's your life

You are the one living this life - not your parents, partner, friends, kids or colleagues. So make sure that you're doing everything that fulfils your own passions, dreams and goals. 

Don't be pressured into making others happy whilst dimming your own light in the process. 

"Don't live someone else's happy." 

 Live your best life. 

2.  You are accountable for your own happiness

If something or someone is making you miserable, then look into ways you can make it better or make a change. Don't allow yourself to make excuses or put the blame on others. 

Be accountable for your own happiness. 

You only get one life don't you?

3.  You'll feel empowered 

How empowering would it feel to know you are being your true self and doing what you were born to do or be?

Life is short so don't waste it pleasing other people.

I know it's not nice to disappoint others but don't disappoint yourself in the process. 

If you are happy with who are and what you choose to do then it will empower you and everyone around you too.  It's like a domino effect.

4.   To create the best memories

Give yourself the best possible life you can so that you can reflect back in the future and look at how the decisions you chose to make now gave you the happiest of times and the most cherished memories.

5.  Happy people are successful people. 

So if you are unhappy it's likely to impact on everything that you do in life. From relationships, to careers or just general day to day life. If you're doing something or living in a way that's hurting your heart then it's massively likely that it will have an impact on everything you do and everyone who sets foot in your path.

You have the power to make change and do what you know is right for you - and it may just bring you success along the way. 

6.  Because what are you gaining if you don't?

Don't stand in your own way.

What's really important in your life?

The smallest of changes can have such an impact on your life. So step back, breathe and think why am I doing this?

You literally won't gain anything from doing something that makes you miserable. So what's the point?

7.  So you don't live in regret. 

You should do what makes you happy because firstly, why shouldn't you? 

And secondly, because you should never have to look back and regret all that you lived for. 

Do you want to wake up 30 years from now thinking "What if" or "If only I'd have.."? 

Don't allow yourself to live in regret.

8.  Because the world will judge anyway

Not everyone has the same heart as you and regardless of what you do, there will always be someone who will have an opinion on it. 

But what truly matters are the people around you who love and support you and don't judge you for the choices you make.

Everyone makes mistakes but you learn from them and the ones who love you regardless of that are the only ones that matter.

9. There's no reason to choose not to. 

I know every person lives with a different situation but there's always a way. No matter who you are please don't choose a path that isn't for you. Listen to your gut because it will guide you in the right direction. 

You do have a choice.

10. Because everyone deserves to be happy. 

I don't think I need to say much more on this point. You are amazing and you deserve to smile and be proud of yourself and the life that you are living.  

There's too many reasons to be sad in the world already so don't let yourself be one of those reasons. Be open and honest to yourself and to those around you. 

You deserve to be happy just as much as anyone else. 

"Always go with the path that scares you the most - that's the one that will help you grow"

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