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What happened to "Treat others how you wish to be treated?"

What is wrong with the world?

It honestly hurts my heart and my head to see and hear how people are treated so differently throughout their lives.

All my life I have heard stories that honestly shocks me to my core every day.

It always brings me back to one simple question..


I am such an open minded, non-judgemental person and have always been this way.

Why can't everyone think and feel this way?

Honestly, the world would run a lot smoother and would be a much nicer place if people left their judgement and hatred behind.

It has hit me really hard lately the reality of what goes on and I really needed to talk about it.

Racism, homophobia, broken families and bullying - to name just a few.

Imagine having to live every day worrying simply because of the colour of your skin?

Imagine not being able to hold the person's hand of whom you love just because they happen to be the same sex as you?

Imagine feeling afraid to walk into your own home?

Imagine not wanting to get out of bed to go to school or work for the fear of getting bullied?

For SO many people and probably a lot of people reading this, this is their reality.

Again, it always brings me back to that one question...


There isn't an answer.

There is no reason for closed mindedness, selfishness, hate or judgement.

We are all the same when it comes down to what's behind our skin and bones so give your head a shake and start being a nice human.

If it's not hurting you then why are you hurting them?

I think it's all about education. A lot of people are brought up with poor education about the world and the people in it. And you only know what you're taught unfortunately. So if you're brought up with this way of thinking then you don't know any different and you don't realise that it's just not acceptable to treat people differently.

The only way to stop hatred is to educate. So if you see or hear something that is wrong then don't be afraid to express your opinion and teach someone to put theirselves in that persons shoes.

How would you feel if in their position? This is what I ALWAYS think. I always think "What if that was me? How would I feel?"

Treat others how you wish to be treated and always remember that two wrongs don't make a right. So if one person is getting bullied for example, it doesn't make it automatically OK for you to go off and bully that bully. That makes you just as bad as that person.

It honestly baffles me how so many people live their lives. The views they have. How nasty and selfish so many people can be. I can never get my head around it.

In some cases it's to those who are the closest to them as well.

I would be there for any person who ever needed me and would be there with a total open mind. Who are you to judge really? Nobody is perfect. We have ALL made mistakes and if you didn't make them then how would you learn from them? Again, it really is all about education.

The world is a big place so why enclose yourself to one strict way of thinking.

There really is so much more to life, so think about what you are projecting into the world. Are you happy with how you are treating the people around you? If your answer is no, it's not too late to change. Apologise for the wrongs and make them right again.

I believe in karma so if you are a good person then eventually good will come to you. It's like when you smile at a stranger and they smile back - it makes you feel good. Do more of that!

Stop judging. Stop the hate. Just be nice.

I really hope this resonates with at least one person.

"What happened to treat others how you wish to be treated?"

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